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Insta-Info Inc

7332 W Von Dette Cir
OH 45459-5046
Phone: (800) 800-3823

Category: Telecommunications Consultants
Email: moc.ofni-atsni@ofni

Company representatives

Douglas Fritz, President
Phone: (800) 800-3823
Email: ten.119cet@ztirfd

Eric Piper, Vice President
Phone: (800) 800-3823
Email: moc.ofni-atsni@repipe

About Insta-Info Inc

Insta-Info Inc. is devoted to providing custom solutions to your communication needs. Our job is getting information out quickly, instantly, and effic

The Education Connection is a telephone-based communication tool that offers six main features; Homework and Information Line, Automatic Outbound Dialing, Interactive Voice Mail, Lunch Card Balance Information, Auto Attendant and Standard Voice Mail, and Safe School Tip Line. These six main features work to save educators time, and make the task of communication easier and more effective. The Education Connection is also a major component to many schools Crisis Communication Plans.

The Education Connection was designed by a group of Ohio educators specifically to address the many communication needs of the educator. The Education Connection is successful because it was literally designed, tested and refined by the users, the teachers and administrators.

Products and Services

  • The Education Connection
  • The Community Connection

Opening Hours

We maintain service through the day and provide emergency service to our customers 24/7.

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$275,000 - $300,000


10 to 19

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