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Airborne Security

2205 Hollywood Blvd.
Sub-ologist (17 yrs same location) Metro Area
FL 33020
Phone: (305) 573-0441

Category: Security Guard and Patrol Service

Company representatives

Mati Deutsch, Owner

Jerry Deutsch, IT Executive

Gabriel Deutsch, Human Resources Executive

Yves Lallier, Director

About Airborne Security

At Airborne Security we offer a wide choice of premium Security Service. Going from unarmed uniform security personnel to VERY high level of VIP.

At Airborne Security "you" will find Absolutly EVERY level of Security.
Ranging from "unarmed" patrol security officer to the highest level
of VIP protection.

Depend of "your" need we can offer ABSOLUTLY ANY of Your need in protection. We have ONLY experience security personnel. "our" unarmed patrol officer have a strict minimum of 2 yrs experience in security.

If what "you" need is PREMIUM VIP Protection we have at imediate dispossibility (PLS allow "necessary time" for "armored limousine" or private jet.)

Personnel attach to VIP Protection are EXCLUSIVELLY ex Law Enforcement OR Military ("EX").

"WE" are a "public trade" Cie.

Products and Services

  • Security/VIP Protection

Business categories

  • Burglary and Robbery Protective Service
  • Protection Self Defense Devices

Location Type



$3,500,000 - $3,750,000


100 to 249

Years In Business



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