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UT 84321
Phone: 435-754-7155

Category: Skin Treatments
Email: moc.liamg@yraeg.ekoorb

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Company representatives

Rick Durham, owner
Phone: 866-410-0383
Email: moc.nvvah@arresj

Justin Serra, VP of Operations
Phone: 866-410-0383

Jason Reading, CEO
Phone: 866-410-0383

Brooke Geary, Independent Business Owner

About Havvn

HAVVN-- "haven." Embodies a way of life that creates a HAVVN of youth & health, wealth, & freedom for you & generations after yo

Do you want to look young, feel young, and stay young? Do you want to live the "GO (Gene Optimized) Lifestyle?" Do you want to get in on the ground floor of the next BILLION DOLLAR company?? Join HAVVN owner Rick Durham, who has taken 2 major companies to multi-billion dollar status. This will be his 3rd billion dollar company! Havvn's products have no competition in the rapidly growing 50 billion dollar/year anti-aging industry. Epigentics is the latest scientific breakthrough and Havvn is leading the way in providing Epigentic products!

Havvn's mission is to provide everyone with a genuine opportunity to create a lasting legacy of abundant living.

Products and Services

  • "DNA" 100% chemical free skin care line
  • Leading Epigenetic Products
  • "GO Nutrition" (Gene Optimized) drink

Business categories

  • Health and Nutrition Consultants
  • Financial Consultant


5,000 to 9,999

Years In Business


Additional information

HAVVN offers the FIRST EVER truly 100% natural, chemical-free skin care line. 22 years in development. Havvn also offers the very first products inspired by the science of Epigentics.


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