Sulphur Springs Community Museum

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Sulphur Springs Community Museum

105 Highway 59
Sulphur Springs
AR 72768
Phone: (479) 298-1201

Category: Museums
Email: moc.oohay@iewspyk

Company representatives

Joyce Young, Commission Member
Phone: 479-298-3669
Email: ten.letyrutnec@sreworghtiaf

Krishana Randall, Helper

About Sulphur Springs Community Museum

The official museum of the town of Sulphur Springs, Arkansas.

Sulphur Springs, Arkansas, was established in 1884. It was originally built as a health resort town with over nine hotels. The town thrived throughout the early 1900s when the Kansas City Southern Railroad brought in hundreds of tourists. They were attracted by the amusement park, lake, beautiful landscape, opera house, etc. At the turn of the century, Sulphur Springs was the largest city in Arkansas.

Today, though much quieter, Sulphur Springs is still a lovely place to visit. Historical markers are located throughout the town. There is a park and a new museum where visitors can learn details of the town's history.

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Opening Hours

A museum curator will be available on Saturday mornings and afternoons.

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