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Abrasive Water Jet & Cnc

15801 Chemical Lane
Huntington Beach
CA 92649-1510
Phone: (714) 373-2121

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Company representatives

James Calder, Manager

James Calder, President

James Calder, Owner

About Abrasive Water Jet & Cnc

Specialty machining using waterjet and abrasive waterjet to tolerances of +/-.0015 inch. CNC machining of composites and nickle based alloys

Traditional and non-traditional machining is accomplished using the latest in Computer-Aided design (CAD) software and manufacturing (CAM) technology software. We perform industrial and decorative machining and cutting of nearly any material. Abrasive WaterJet cutting to ultra high tolerances down to +/- 0.0015 inch is our specialty. Full 2-axis, 3-axis, 4-axis and limited 5-axis waterjet cutting is available. The working area for our WaterJet cutting exceeds 4 feet X 8 feet with material thickness exceeding 6 inches. Special tooling and fixturing allow us to expand our cutting envelope to about 20 feet long by up to 3 feet deep. Additional capabilities include Wire EDM, CNC milling (3-axis & 4-axis), and conventional turning & grinding.

Products and Services

  • Waterjet and CNC Precision Machining


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