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Cell Dara Solutions, LLC

736 Manning Gin Rd.
GA 30656
Phone: (678) 460-6669

Category: Computer Facilities Management
Email: moc.aradllec@naolsj

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Company representatives

Jim Sloan, Owner/Consultant

Jim Sloan, IT Architect and Lead Admin

About Cell Dara Solutions, LLC

Managed Technology Services including emergency IT support, Server Hosting, and VoIP Solutions

Cell Dara (pronounced kel dara) is gaelic for Church of Oak Tree.
To the druids, the oak was sacred, as the acorn and its cup represented the male and female principles. The Oak tree is a majestic tree with an intertwined root system and symbolizes our philosophy of standing strong with the intertwining of computers, networks and phone systems.

We are a Solutions Provider that focuses on your unique computing needs, whether it be hosting, VoIP or other IT services.

We help our clients by lowering the cost and maximizing the performance of their information technology systems.

At Cell Dara Solutions, we strive to guide your IT needs to cost effective and lasting solutions. Our goal is to be your Technology Partner.

Products and Services

  • Managed IT Hosting

Business categories

  • Computer System Designers and Consultants

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Single Location


Less than $100,000



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