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GoneWalkin Dog Services

Lake Limerick Metro Area
WA 98584-7554
Phone: (360) 432-8149

Category: Dog Training
Email: moc.nsm@82nosracsr

Company representatives

Stephanie Carson, owner

Stephanie Carson, Principal

About GoneWalkin Dog Services

Gonewalkin pet services is a pet company that provides non-confrontational positvie dog training, dog running, and pet sitting.

I love dogs! I am a trainer at heart but, I feel there is more components to making a happy dog. This is the exact reason I have added dog walking and pet sitting to my company as well. I feel that keeping a mentaly stable, non-distructive dog a walk during the day helps with most behavioral problems. I am also aware that the stress of a kennel enviornment does not work for most dog wich is why I added an alternitave to that as well in pet sitting. My training style works with the dogs natural drive as well as using food as a primary motivator. I truley feel that only using force and aversive collars to train your dog breaks down the potential relationship you can have with your pet. To find out more about my training style please visit my website!

Products and Services

  • Dog training
  • dog running
  • pet sitting

Business categories

  • Services (Unclassified)
  • Pet Sitting, In-Home



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