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Palmetto Ambulence Service

1809 Gordon Highway
Arby's Metro Area
GA 30904-5636
Phone: (800) 648-4999

Category: Ambulance Service
Email: moc.ecnalubmaottemlap@ottemlap

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Company representatives

Keith Stille, President & Chief Executive Officer
Phone: (706) 627-9527
Email: moc.ecnalubmaottemlap@htiek

Tom Stille, Chief Operations Officer
Phone: (803) 493-4612
Email: moc.ecnalubmaottemlap@mot

James Reid, Director of Business Development
Phone: (803) 439-9027
Email: moc.ecnalubmaottemlap@semaj

Joshua Reid, Other

About Palmetto Ambulence Service

Palmetto Ambulance Service is a leading provider of emergency and non-emergency ambulance transportation services, and general medical transportation.

A dream can be defined as hope???s image and reality as a state of being real. It is often said the difference between the two is ones desire to persevere when faced with the utmost perils.

On January 12, 1994, Palmetto Ambulance Service was a dream that became reality. Three original owners having worked in the EMS field for many years possessed a desired to create a service that was different from any other EMS system. A service where compassion meant something, not just words spoken but illustrated through every life touched during transport; a service where professionalism is a key corner stone to all those served; and a service where technology and education merge to provide the most optimal care.

Products and Services

  • ALS, BLS and Wheel Chair Transport
  • Air Ambulance Transportation
  • Long Distance Transport Available

Opening Hours

Billing Office is Open 8AM-5PM M-F All other operations are open 24hrs a Day - 7 Days a week.

Business categories

  • Air Ambulance Service
  • Transportation Services

Location Type



$12,500,000 - $15,000,000


250 to 499

Years In Business


Additional information

Our Vision: To be the premier provider of healthcare transportation services in South Carolina and Georgia.


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