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Alamanda Polymers, Inc.

1031 Putman Dr. Suite A
AL 35816
Phone: (256) 489-2529

Category: Medicinal Chemical/Botanical Products Manufacturers
Email: moc.sremylopla@ofni

Company representatives

Koumalen Vayaboury, Chief Scientist, President

Joy Bowman, Chief Technical Officer/Executive VP

About Alamanda Polymers, Inc.

Alamanda Polymers specializes in the manufacturing of well-defined polyamino acids for research laboratories in pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Alamanda Polymers was formed in 2007 to commercialize a superior method for the efficient production of well-defined polyamino acids. Alamanda's polymerization process enables complete control over the molecular weight of its polyamino acids without the use of metal catalysts. In other words, Alamanda can give researchers polypeptides and PEGylated polypeptides of the exact chain lengths (i.e. batch to batch consistency), and the product that is provided will contain ONLY polyamino acids of that length, rather than a mixture. Moreover, the process results in highly monodisperse products (polydispersity index: 1.01-1.2). Alamanda can also provide its expertise in polyamino acid chemistry or custom-synthesis services for contract research.

Products and Services

  • Polyamino Acids (PAA's), PEGylated PAA's
  • Custom Synthesis for Contract Research

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Single Location


5 to 9

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