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Abovenet, Inc

5080 Spectrum Drive # 800w
TX 75001-6451
Phone: (817) 665-8427

Category: Fiber Optic Services
Email: ten.evoba@tennoyuogc

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Company representatives

Tim Streeter, Sales Manager
Phone: 817-665-4698
Email: ten.evoba@reteertst

Carlos Jaime Gouyonnet, Account Executive

About Abovenet, Inc

AboveNet, Inc. provides high bandwidth connectivity solutions for business and carriers. Its private optical network delivers key network and IP servi

AboveNet is the leading provider of high bandwidth connectivity solutions for businesses and carriers. Our private optical network delivers key network and IP services in and among top 17 U.S. and European markets and have presence in 500 Data Centers. AboveNet`s network is widely used in demanding markets such as financial and legal services, media, healthcare, manufacturing, retail and government. Abovenet is a fiber-rich company with over 2.3 million miles of fiber. Our typical conduit contains about 432 fibers, which is three times the market average! That is why we are able deliver each circuit with 2 strands of fiber dedicated to every one of our customers, thus providing maximum security, privacy and with the lowest possible latency.

Products and Services

  • Metro Area Solutions
  • Wide Area Network solutions
  • High Bandwidth Connectivity

Opening Hours

We are open every day Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM Central Time

Business categories

  • Fiber Optics Communications Equipment
  • Fiber Optics

Location Type



$275,000,000 - $300,000,000


500 to 999

Years In Business


Additional information

AboveNet is the leader in high bandwidth connectivity solutions. We take a Data Center neutral approach to help our customers access the high bandwidth network solutions they need most, while providi


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