EMEX - Energy Market Exchange

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EMEX - Energy Market Exchange

2825 Wilcrest Drive
TX 77042
Phone: (724) 987-2470

Category: Energy Marketing
Website: http://www.quotes.emexpower.com
Email: moc.liamg@perygrene.idieh

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724.987.8335 (Support)

Company representatives

Heidi Ivanchan, Independent Energy Consultant
Phone: 7249872470
Email: moc.liamg@perygrene.idieh

About EMEX - Energy Market Exchange

Proprietary software that allows businesses to shop for their energy with up to 26 of the largest suppliers in the U.S.A. at no cost or obligation.

There is no other way to get the absolute lowest rate for your energy than through the Energy Market Exchange. The top national suppliers are competing for your business in a hypercompetitive environment. They can see what the other supplier has posted for a bid on your business and then they try to bid a lower rate to get your business. It is similar to the stock market exchange only it is for energy.
If you shop with a brokerage firm or directly with a supplier, that supplier will never know what the other suppliers are offering for a rate, but through the EMEX (Energy Market Exhange) they will know and that is how you are able to get the lowest rate.
This is the latest and best way for any business to shop for their energy rates!!!
Visit www.quotes.emexpower.com to see for yourself

Products and Services

  • Commercial Energy Savings

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50 to 99

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  • Lowest Electricity Costs
  • Natural Gas coming soon!
  • Green Energy available also...


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