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Dali Place

1110 N Ardenwood Drive
Baton Rouge
LA 70806-1949
Phone: (225) 926-3440

Category: Apartments

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(225) 926-0085 (Fax) (Facebook)

Company representatives

Bruce Wood, Owner

About Dali Place

Dali Place offers you the ideal combination of size and service available in an apartment complex. It is large enough to be fully staffed for services

To enhance your safety and security, we take the following steps:

* All prospective residents are screened against 3 nationwide criminal databases.
* Community rules are consistently enforced.
* The Melrose East Community Association has hired extra duty police to make the neighborhood "as safe as any in Baton Rouge." Read the MECA letter.
* A private security force patrols the complex every night.
* Video surveillance and recording is in effect 24X7.
* Our residents include one police officer and one deputy sheriff.
* Our make ready technician lives on the property.
* Our maintenance technician lives here.
* Smoke detectors are in each apartment.
* Fire extinguishers are provided with each apartment.
* Pets are not permitted on the property.

Products and Services

  • Apartments

Opening Hours

M-F 9 - 5

Location Type

Single Location


$725,000 - $750,000


2 to 4

Years In Business



  • 2 Bedroom
  • 3 bedroom


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