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MAR-NIA Medical Billing Center

385 Marlborough
MI 48215
Phone: 313-318-0807

Category: Medical Bill Review
Email: moc.liamy@7591trawetsm

Company representatives

Marva Stewart, Owner
Phone: 313-824-3842
Email: moc.liamy@7591trawetsm

Marva Stewart, Marva Stewart CEO

About MAR-NIA Medical Billing Center

We process electronic medical insurance claims within a 24 hour time frame. We can improve your cash flow, reduce the amount of erroneous claims.

Only 30% of physicians around the nation realize that the decrease of revenues that they are experiencing is an internal issue. Most practices are inundated with backlogged claims, uncontested denied claims, unresolved appealed claims, and uncollected patient payments that are eating away at the practice accounts receivables.
Is this happing in your practice? You can recover the unclaimed revenue you are legally entitled to without any further delay, stress on you and your staff, and without spending thousands to do it.
By implementing MAR-NIA Medical Billing Center into your practices routine you will immediately:

* Gain Peace of Mind- Only MAR-NIA Medical Billing Center and it's certified billers will handle, submit, follow-up appeal and conduct the A/R and collection function

Products and Services

  • Electronic Medical Billing for Doctorts
  • electronic medical billing for vendors
  • Electronic Medical Billing for Hospitals

Business categories

  • General Accounting Office, Government
  • Billing Service

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Less than $100,000


2 to 4

Years In Business



  • Michigan Medical Billing Association


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