Noble Window & Power Washing Company

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Noble Window & Power Washing Company

338 Fort Couch Road
South Hills Village Metro Area
Upper St Clair
PA 15241
Phone: 724-745-7980

Category: Gutter and Downspout Cleaning
Email: moc.gninaelcwodniwelbon@ecivres

Company representatives

George Sotirake, Owner
Phone: 724-745-7980
Email: moc.gninaelcwodniwelbon@ecivres

L. S., Clerk

About Noble Window & Power Washing Company

As professionals, we offer the safest and most extensive path for you to reach your goal of clean windows, concrete, vinyl, light fixtures and gutters

Why Have Windows If You Don't Clean Them?
Windows are your eyes to the outside world so it is imperative that you keep them clean. Most people will let the dirt settle on their windows all year round until the filth becomes unbearable, but this is not an acceptable way to maintain these essential portholes. Instead of giving in to dirty buildup you need to take charge and start fighting back against the birds and weather that are sullying your windows/vinyl/concrete and explore the simple services provided by Noble Window Cleaning.

Products and Services

  • Mold Removal
  • Clean
  • gutters

Business categories

  • Window Cleaning
  • Concrete Restoration Repair and Cleaning

Location Type

Single Location


$275,000 - $300,000


10 to 19

Years In Business



  • MWCoa


  • vinyl mold removal
  • window caulking
  • window cleaning
  • downspout repair
  • remove debris from gutters

Additional information

We pride ourselves on quality. And all of our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Any streaks, smears, smudges, or finger pointers shall be dealt with immediately and with vigor. We are also license


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