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Therese Beth Photography

PA 18431
Phone: 570-224-0591

Category: Computer Photography or Portrait

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Terri McCabe, owner
Phone: 570-224-0591
Email: moc.liamg@yhpargotohPhteBeserehT

About Therese Beth Photography

Wedding, Portrait, and Lifestyle Photography. I shoot in a photojournalism style and when I pose you, it is with fashion photography flair.

MY STYLE: VOYEURISTIC...EMOTIONAL...CONTRASTING: My mission is not only to capture the important moments of the time we spend together, but all of those tiny, easily missed moments that encapsulate who you are and what your place is in this world. Whether it's your wedding day or just a laid back Sunday, you want to be able to re-experience the emotions that you felt at the very moment the photographs were made. Life doesn't always fit together like a puzzle: a couture dress in front of a rustic barn; disciplined West Point officers in full military dress relaxed with hands in their pockets; fierce leopard shoes peeking out from under white lace; the tuxedoed toddler with chocolate from head to toe. That's what life's about and it's my passion to tell your story through interpretive images

Products and Services

  • Wedding Photography
  • Family Photography
  • Childrens Photography


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