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Curious About Flying LLC

4079 Root Rd
Great Northern Mall Metro Area
North Olmsted
OH 44070
Phone: 440-503-3145

Category: Aviation School
Email: moc.em@gniylFtuobAsuoiruC

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Company representatives

Patricia Austin, Owner
Phone: 440-503-3145
Email: moc.em@gniylFtuobAsuoiruC

Patricia Austin, Person who does everything

About Curious About Flying LLC

Teaches people the basics of flying in a non technical, interactive and informative manner.

I started the company because of some of the lapses in my training to become a pilot. In talking with other pilots I realized I was not alone. Then I realized that aviation, without knowling it, talks over the heads of most people, causing them to loose interest in aviation. Then I realized that aviation does nothing for
those who have concerns or fears about flying.
I teach the basics of aerodynamics, parts of the airplane, understanding the 6 basic instruments, radios, airspace, chart reading, pilotage, VOR navigation and landing the airplane in non technical terms using hands on and interactive methods.

Products and Services

  • Basic Knowledge of Flying

Opening Hours

Inquires and adminstrative work in handled pretty much between 9am-5pm. Classes are held in the evening or weekends either at Weltzein Skypark in Wadsworth, Ohio. Any of the locations of Premier Flight Academy. The Polaris & Medina Career Centers.

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Single Location



Years In Business



  • The 99s, The International Organization of Women Pilots

Additional information

Curious About Flying, is just that. If you want information about become a pilot great. I will also help you earn that goal.


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