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Professional Aeronautics Academy, LLC

5016 Central Parkway
Hangar 17D Suite 400
TX 77303
Phone: (888) 477-2593

Category: Flight and Aircraft Instruction

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moc.scituanorealanoisseforp@ylf (Customer Service)

Company representatives

Alwyn Lynch, President

Rachel DeWitt, Executive Vice President

About Professional Aeronautics Academy, LLC

Professional Aeronautics Academy (PAA) is a flight training school that provides Private Pilot through CFII ratings, as well as Ground School and MEI.

Our organization aims to empower our graduates to become competent and succesful members of the aviation workforce and to promote aviation safety through education. Quality in training and student success are the defining characteristics of our academy culture.

Our flight training network is currently comprised of two individual training centers in Louisiana and Texas, with a third flight training center being developed in West Virginia.

Professional Aeronautics Academy operates a fleet of late model, highly reliable Cessna 172 and 172RG aircraft. Our aircraft are maintained to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) mandated standards and are equipped for both VFR and IFR flying in daytime and nighttime conditions. Multi-Engine training is conducted in the Piper PA-44 Seminole.

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  • Ground and Flight Training

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