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Whizz Advertising

1044B S. Riverside Drive
TN 37040
Phone: (931) 220-9044

Category: Advertising Agencies
Email: moc.sdazzihw@ofni

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Company representatives

Deborah Johnson, Owner
Phone: (931) 220-9044

About Whizz Advertising

Providing a "Captive Audience for Your Ads". Thousands of people see your full color page ad every day at a cost effective price.

Whizz Advertising is an Indoor Advertising company with locations in Clarksville, TN and Hopkinsville and Oak Grove KY. Our many venues include resturants, night spots, fitness centers, stadiums and gathering spots. We target the exact market, specific audience and demographics when nothing else is competing for attention which results in a high retention rate for our clients advertising. Indoor ads are viewed up to 3 minutes compared with 3-5 seconds for traditional print ads. Of people surveyed after seeing indoor ads 98% had a positive reaction, 84.4% recalled seeing a specific ad, 92.5% could name specific advertisers and 88.5% recalled a specific ad with 4 selling points. If you want "recognition for your brand" and "top of the mind awareness" for your business - Whizz Ads is it

Products and Services

  • Advertising

Opening Hours

Office hours 9-5 Monday through Friday. Website and phone support 24/7.

Location Type

Single Location


$275,000 - $300,000


2 to 4

Years In Business



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