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633 Cliff Mine Rd.
Frick Park Metro Area
PA 15108
Phone: (724) 931-2073

Category: Aerobic Instruction
Email: moc.pmactoobssentifhcnubyenoh@troppus

Company representatives

Chuck Strogish, Owner
Phone: (724) 931-2073
Email: moc.pmactoobssentifhcnubyenoh@troppus

Chuck Strogish, Owner/Health & Fitness Instructor


The official fitness boot camp exclusively for couples! Offers affordable outdoor fitness programs for couples to get fit and enjoy each other.

What is a "HoneyBuncher"?

A Honeybuncher is a person involved in a relationship that is interested in making new couple friends, enjoying the outdoors, and participating in an adventurous, healthy, fitness boot camp program with their one and only!

What Benefits Do We Get Being a HoneyBuncher Couple?

As a Honeybuncher Couple, you will be an exclusive member to the following:

* 2 sessions weekly in the city nearest you with our Certified Honeybunch Fitness Boot Camp Instructors
* A date unlike any other, get healthy and in shape together with our classes
* Enjoy working out and making friends with similar minded couples in your Honeybunch Group
* Become healthier, sexier, and more attracted to each other by exercising together in our Honeybunch Fitness Bootcamp.

Products and Services

  • Group Fitness Training
  • Group Personal Training

Opening Hours

Saturdays & Sundays-12-7 P.M.

Business categories

  • Health Clubs Studios and Gymnasiums
  • Health and Nutrition Consultants

Location Type

Single Location


Less than $100,000


2 to 4

Years In Business


Additional information

Chuck Ryan Strogish is the owner of He is a certified master level personal trainer and agency fitness model. He has worked for brands such as Under Armour and Nike.


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