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Ct Cashflow Institute LLC

99 The Way
CT 06790-2757
Phone: (860) 482-0148

Category: Buying Agent, Real Estate

Company representatives

Osvaldo Rosado, President , CEO

Osvaldo Rosado, President

About Ct Cashflow Institute LLC

SHORT SALES OF LUXURY HOMES: We buy short sales ($750,000 +) with cash, have a 95% success rate negotiating all liens to a full-satisfaction.

? Provide professional and experienced negotiator and skillful attorney for the Seller at no cost to them or the listing agent.
? Negotiate with the lenders, working with the listing agents, saving them time and money.
? Prevent the seller from foreclosure, or worse yet - bankruptcy, and mitigate damage to their credit.
? Provide full disclosure and complete transparency (as mandated by federal and state laws) to the listing Agent and seller of our process so they understand how we intend to buy their property, and What we intend to do with it.
? With a network of over 10,000 investors, we can afford to satisfy 2nd and 3rd liens out of pocket, Because we profit by doing this.
? We Make quick cash offers and can close on these transactions, without the need for an End-buyer to be in place.

Products and Services

  • We Buy short sale of Luxury Homes

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  • Mergers and Acquisitions



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