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Waller Trucking Co Inc.

400 South McCleary Road
Excelsior Springs
MO 64024
Phone: 800-821-2196

Category: Transportation

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Company representatives

Bob Waller, President and CEO

Bob Waller, owner

About Waller Trucking Co Inc.

Waller Truck Co., Inc. is a leading truckload carrier of general commodities providing both regional and long-haul freight shipping services.

Waller Truck Co., Inc. provides high quality shipping, shuttle, and logistics services to customers throughout the United States. Strategically based in Excelsior Springs, Missouri, Waller Truck Co., Inc. maintains trailer drops in 20 cities and reaches more than 31 states. Based on its location, the company provides just-in-time loads throughout the Upper Midwest, the Southeast, and other regions east of the Rocky Mountains.

A family-owned company now in its third generation, Waller Truck Co., Inc. values fairness, honesty, quality, and uncompromising service in dealing with its customers. They strive to provide competitive rates while assuring products reach their destinations on time. The Waller Truck Co., Inc. fleet now numbers more than 700 trailers and 220 tractors.

Products and Services

  • Trucking
  • Frieght


250 to 499

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