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Kangen Water Portland

2071 NE Division
Gresham Golf Course Metro Area
OR 97030
Phone: 503-200-1600

Category: Water Purification Equipment
Email: moc.dnaltropretawnegnak@nodnarb

Company representatives

Brandon Stetner, Owner
Phone: 503-200-1600
Email: moc.dnaltropretawnegnak@nodnarb

About Kangen Water Portland

Experience Kangen Water FREE for 30 day in unlimited amounts for your Family.

Kangen water is simply an easier way of stating ... Alkaline, ionized, anti-oxidant, electron rich, restructured, micro-clustered, active hydrogen saturated, oxidation reduced, powerful living water.

Kangen water is first purified, then given an electrical charge to recreate electron rich water.

Kangen water can Flush Toxins and Neutralize Acidity in your body.

Kangen water is water that has gone through a Special Electrolysis Process that changes the pH of the water to ALKALINE and much, much more.

Kangen water is a powerful antioxidant, perhaps more powerful than any single food or vitamin supplement because Kangen water contains active hydrogen which supplies huge amounts of extra electrons in your body.

Products and Services

  • Kangen Water
  • Antioxidant Water
  • Alkaline Water

Opening Hours

Water pickup hours are, Mon, Wed, Fri 11am - 6pm. All other times by APPOINTMENT ONLY

Business categories

  • Health and Nutrition Consultants


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