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Hypnosis Institute-Charlotte

9750 Old Gate Drive
NC 28105-4492
Phone: (704) 542-9111

Category: Hypnotherapy
Email: moc.oohay@321egapob

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Company representatives

Bonnie Page, Owner
Phone: 704-542-9111
Email: moc.oohay@321egapob

Bonnie Page, Master Hypnotist

About Hypnosis Institute-Charlotte

Hypnotherapy for people who want to make positive changes in their lives. Very fast, effective, and low cost. Includes CD's for each session.

We provide comprehensive and total hypnotherapy services. People come to us when their own lives become unbearable the way that they are and they realize that they need an intervention, a way to stop the pain and nonsense. It takes a process to get to this point and we here at HYNOSIS INSTITUTE OF CHARLOTTE reverse this process and quickly help these clients turn their lives around and begin their journey on a different path. The new path is more positive, the clients immediately feel as if a weight has been lifted and they become more content. We stop the negative thinking and start the positive thinking. And, we give them guidelines to help them remain on this path.
For us, it is very satisfying to be a part of this journey, to know that we were an instrument of change for them.

Products and Services

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Hypnosis
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy

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Less than $100,000


2 to 4

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  • National Guild of Hypnotists


  • NGH

Additional information

Our company has done cutting edge work in the field of sexual dysfunction, relationships, how to meet other singles,how to get into a relationship and stay in it. We are leaders in smoking cessation.


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