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10010 Broadway st #106
San Antonio
TX 78217
Phone: 210-277-9444

Category: Health Care Alternatives
Email: moc.efil4meen@ofni

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Company representatives

Melissa Madrigal, Owner Operator
Phone: 407 466 4518
Email: moc.efil4meen@ofni

Melissa Madrigal, Owner/ Operator

About Neem4Life

Products made from this Incredible Healing Neem Tree from India known as the Village Pharmacy.

Dedicated to making Neem Tree Products known to all. Products made with this Incredible Healing Tree from India known as the Village Pharmacy. This tree is so wondeful it's known as THE MOST VERSITILE TREE ON THE PLANET. From it's natural insect repelent properties to it's wonderful way of healing skin ailments and lowering blood sugar for diabetics, killing parasites, the list is so long. There is practically nothing it doesn't help in some way or another. Even for agriculture and animals. You will be amazed. Stop risking your health with synthetic drugs with horrifying side effects. Neem is economic, natural, verisatile, extremely healthy and does not have harmful side effects. We speak spanish also. Our website is set up in English and Spansh and we are also located in Mexico

Products and Services

  • Natural Healing Neem Tree Products
  • Safety Devices
  • Natural Chocolate Hand Made Soy Candles

Opening Hours

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Business categories

  • Skin Treatments
  • Health Care Products

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Single Location


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