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Innerworkings, Inc

600 W Chicago Avenue # 850
IL 60654-2529
Phone: (312) 642-3700

Category: Rifles, for Propelling Hypodermics Into Animals

Company representatives

Ellyse Lamon, employee

Eric O, Director of Sales

Ricky Regalado, National Account Manager

Ellyse Lamon, owner

Derrick Sanders, Sales

Samantha Levy, Account Executive

Dan Loughney, Account Executive

Jennifer Gallagher, Business Development

Matt Bruno, Business Development Specialist

Madilynn Beck, Account Executive

Josh Gross, Account Executive

scott kozak, Mgr

Eric Mugler, Business Development Specialist

Erika Luppo, Account Executive

Justin Dunwiddie, Account Executive

Nathan Looyenga, Sales Associate

RJ Archambo, Business Development Manager

Lindsey Campbell, Sales Manager

Jason Donini, Business Development Specialist

Johnny Khan, Business Development Executive

Dave Chlebek, Business Development

Bryan Durning, Business Development Specialist

Samantha DeLong, Business Development Specialist

Jeff Branca, Corporate Development

Eric Johnson, Sales

About Innerworkings, Inc

The nations largest Print Managment Firm in the United States. We just became global recently and can get print, promo and packaging at very low costs

Products and Services

  • Print Management
  • Promotional
  • Packaging

Business categories

  • Printers
  • Animal Medicines


500 to 999

Years In Business



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