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Campbell Canes Inc

959 U.S Route 1
ME 04072
Phone: 207-282-8899

Category: Canes, Orthopedic
Email: moc.liamg@gnihtytonk

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Company representatives

Ron Campbell, inventor
Phone: 1-207-282-8899
Email: moc.liamg@gnihtytonk

Ronald Campbell, Owner/Inventor

About Campbell Canes Inc

The Campbell Cane is designed to function differently from a regular cane.See Campbell Canes on youtube.

Unique "Campbell Cane" w/Campbell Handle, and revised "Rollator Quad Walker"

I have been invited to 3 medical conventions in the past 2 months and have over 100 doctors and 50 nurses encouraging me to market them. One doctor said that my design is the best in over 100 years, and another stated that it offers far better stability than any cane currently on the market.

Type in.. Campbell Canes on youtube to see video clips on how this cane functions differently. There is also a video on how you can convert a "Rollator Quad Walker" to function the same as the cane. Three nurses approached me separately, and asked if I could do it. Almost 1,000 people have seen this video. You will see why.. Doctors from all three conventions asked how can we get this Rollator. It is currently patent pending

Products and Services

  • Campbell Canes

Business categories

  • Canes and Cane Trimmings, Except Precious Metal
  • Umbrellas, Canes, and Parts



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