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NewEast Biosciences

24 Whitewoods Lane
PA 19355
Phone: (610) 945-2007

Category: Biologicals and Allied Products
Email: moc.oibtsaewen@elas

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(610) 945-2008 (Fax)
moc.oibtsaewen@ofni (Customer Service)

Company representatives

Don Wu, General Manager
Phone: 6109452007
Email: moc.oibtsaewen@uw.nod

Don Wu, General Management

About NewEast Biosciences

Antibodies for GTP-bound G proteins; Antibodies for Biomarker

NewEast Biosciences are specialized in generating protein configuration-specific monoclonal antibodies that recognize active (GTP-bound) G proteins (including Ras-superfamily small GTPases and heterotrimeric G proteins). These unique antibodies do not recognize the inactive (GDP-bound) G proteins. These monoclonal antibodies have been successfully used to immunoprecipitate active G proteins from cell lysates, and for immunohistochemical staining of active G proteins in cultured cells or in tissue sections. Hence, these antibodies can be used to study the spatial and temporal dynamics of cellular signaling involving big and small G proteins, the future direction of signal transduction studies. The G proteins include Rac, RhoA, Cdc42, Ras, Ran, Sar1, Gai, Ga13, Gaz, Gao and Rab.

Products and Services

  • Rac Activation Assay Kit
  • RhoA Activation Assay Kit
  • Cdc42 Activation Assay Kit

Business categories

  • Biological Research

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Less than $100,000


10 to 19

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  • Gai Activation Assay Kit
  • Gao Activation Assay Kit
  • Sar1 Activation Assay Kit
  • Gaz Activation Assay Kit
  • Ga13 Activation Assay Kit

Additional information

Arf1, Arf6, Cdc42, Ga12, Ga13, Gai, Gao, Gaq, Gas Gaz, Rab14, Rab17, Rab18, Rab25, Rab2A, Rab3C, Rab3D, Rab5A, Rab5B, Rab5c, Rab6A, Rab8A, Rac1, Rac2, RalA, RalB, Ran, Ras, RhoA and Sar1a.


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