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Bella Garten LLC

169 East Reynolds Rd Suite 201E
Fayette Mall Metro Area
KY 40517
Phone: (859) 229-7551

Category: International Affairs
Email: moc.liamg@cllnetragalleb

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(859)971-8005 (Fax) (Facebook) (Twitter)

Company representatives

Bryan Garten, CEO

About Bella Garten LLC

Inventions, Song Writing, Consulting, Real-Estate Development

Bella Garten LLC was started by Bryan Garten. It is a Faith based American company meaning "Beautiful Garden" in Italian and German. Bryan bases this company on Principles important to him and uses his Faith as a guide. He has invented many things for the safety of Americans ranging from Transportation, Civilian, and Military on up to Law Enforcement and Emergency Responders. He has also experienced great things in Faith and is proud of his Roman Catholic Heritage. These experiences motivated Bryan to write songs in Faith and seek out Artists. He also has an interest in World Peace and has observed it for many years. He has actively Consulted Towards World Peace issues for Ten Years and should be considered as a Candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Products and Services

  • Inventions / Song Writing / Consulting

Business categories

  • Invention Consultants and Brokers
  • Song Writings

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Additional information

I have thought up many critical inventions that protect Americans. I also invented the MRAP vehicle which was originally my ABDU vehicle (Trademark).


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