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Access Medical Laboratories

5151 Corporate Way
Scripps Research Insitute Metro Area
FL 33458
Phone: (866) 720-8386

Category: Medical Laboratories
Email: moc.baldemssecca@ofni

Company representatives

Mohammed El-Hosseiny, President
Phone: (866) 720-8386
Email: moc.baldemssecca@em

Susan El-Hosseiny, Senior Vice President
Phone: (866) 720-8386
Email: moc.baldemssecca@nasus

Sharif El-Hosseiny, COO
Phone: (866) 720-8386
Email: moc.baldemssecca@firahs

Ryan El-Hosseiny, Vice President
Phone: (866) 720-8386
Email: moc.baldemssecca@nayr

Adam El-Hosseiny, Vice President of Sales
Phone: (866) 720-8386
Email: moc.baldemssecca@mada

Ryan El-Hosseiny, Owner

About Access Medical Laboratories

Access Medical Laboratories is a full service reference medical laboratory, providing a full line of diagnostic testing.

Access Medical Laboratories, Inc is synonymous with innovation. The only one of its kind; Access has created a distinct, superior form of Laboratory's.
At Access Medical Labs, comprehensive hormone testing along with a broad spectrum of clinical laboratory testing has brought us to a new high standard in the lab industry. We make every effort to ensure consistent quality throughout our system, high standards for personnel, the latest state-of-the-art instrumentation, continually updating methodology, in service education, as well as one of the most thorough quality control and continuous quality improvement programs.

At Access Medical Laboratories we use the most sensitive analyzing methods for superior accuracy and sensitivity. We use the latest state of the art instrumentation and up.

Products and Services

  • Medical Diagnostic Testing
  • Integrative Lab Testing

Opening Hours

Business Hours: Mon-Sat: 7AM-8PM EST Lab Hours: 24/7

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$12,500,000 - $15,000,000


50 to 99

Years In Business


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COLA Seal of Excellence


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