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Zebra Striping Inc

101 Pleasant Hill Rd
Maine Mall, South Portland, ME Metro Area
ME 04074-9306
Phone: (207) 883-7081

Category: Pavement Marking Contractor
Email: moc.rr.eniam@ofni

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(207) 883-9254 (Fax) (Facebook)

Company representatives

Michael Snowman, President
Phone: (207) 883-7081
Email: moc.rr.eniam@ofni

Nancy Baker, Director of Administration

About Zebra Striping Inc

Pavement maintenance services throughout New England. Sweeping, striping, crackfilling, sealcoating, signs, paving and stamped asphalt. Since 1981.

Founded in 1981, Zebra Striping now has thousands of satisfied customers. We do a great deal of work on both new parking areas for construction companies, commercial accounts and residential associations.

We've evolved into a "One Stop Shop" for property owners and managers.

While about 80% of Zebra Striping's business is in the Greater Portland area, the Zebras roam as far afield as Bangor and Eastern New Hampshire.

Products and Services

  • Pavement Striping
  • Sealcoating and Crackfilling
  • Paving

Opening Hours

Crews work daylight hours year-round, 7 days per week. Office Hours: Mon--Fri 8:00am - 4:30 pm. Website and phone support are available 24/7.

Business categories

  • Pavement Sealing
  • Pavement Marking

Location Type



$1,500,000 - $1,750,000


10 to 19

Years In Business



  • Maine Better Transportation Authority
  • National Pavement Contractors Association

Additional information

Our goal is to provide reliable, professional services to our community. Free Estimates. We provide expert advice and money saving ideas for saving your pavement investment.


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