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Electron Tubes

   Triton Services

   Sony Electronics Inc

   Lockheed Martin Corp

   Video Display

   Burle Industries Inc

   Tube Monitor Co

   Teltron Technologies Inc

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Electronic Capacitors

   Corry Micronics Inc

   Corry Micronics, Inc

   Abb Inc

   Spectrum Control, Inc

   Center Capacitor Inc

   Electronic Assembly CO

   Lomax Health Systems

   Troycap LLC

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Electronic Coils, Transformers, and Other Inductors

   Coil Specialty CO

   Pulse Military/Aerospace Div

   Chemrock Corporation

   Certified Air Solutions Inc

   Induction General Inc

   Ikor Industries Inc

   Acutransformers Inc

   Thokon Corporation

   Custom Transformer Corp

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Electronic Components, NEC



   U S Ultrasound

   Spectrum Microwave, Inc


   Deltron LLC


   General Electric Company

   Santa Satellite Systems

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Electronic Connectors

   Sentinel Connector Systems Inc

   Twecomm Inc

   Rosenberger Of North America, LLC

   Optima Technology Assoc

   Ned Weaver Co

   Eagle Design Group LLC

   M A Com Wireless Systems

   Te Connectivity

   Pennatronics Corporation

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Electronic Resistors

   Souriau Connection Technology

   Polymer Products CO Inc

   Vishay Precision Foil, Inc

   Banes Roofing Inc

   Vishay Americas, Inc

   Tasseron Sensors Inc.

   Vishay Intertechnology Inc

   Ohm Labs Inc

   Vishay Intertechnology, Inc

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Printed Circuit Boards

   Electronic Service & Design

   Drs Technologies Inc

   Youngtron Inc

   Mid Atlantic Circuits

   Woodward Mccoach, Inc

   Smg Circuits Corp

   Valley Technologies Inc

   T & T Electronics CO

   Rapid Circuits Inc

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Semiconductors and Related Devices

   East Norwegian Solar I, LLC

   Cogent Industrial Sales Co, Inc

   Integrated Circuit Systems Inc

   Semilab Ssm

   Conductive Technologies, Inc

   Akrion Systems LLC

   Arsenal Solar, LLC

   Qualcomm Inc

   Emcore Corp

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