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Electron Tubes

   Sigtran Inc

   3m Company

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Electronic Capacitors

   Kemet Circle, LLC

   Kemet Electronics Corp

   Jay Handy & Assoc Inc

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Electronic Coils, Transformers, and Other Inductors

   Hi Rel Systems LLC

   Synder Inc

   Corder Power LLC

   Hirel Systems LLC

   B H Electronics

   Precision Inc

   Pro-Tech Power

   Bioverse Inc

   Sub-Tronics Inc

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Electronic Components, NEC

   S & R Component Sales Inc

   Innovex Ltd

   Titan Mfg

   Nortech Systems Incorporated

   Lind Electronic Design

   Stargate Satellite

   Northern Lights Screen Print


   Protoserv Inc

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Electronic Connectors

   Arc Associates Inc

   Custom Connections Corp

   Abel Conn LLC

   Omnetics Connector Corp

   Johnstech International

   Illustrious Industries Lt

   Trompeter Electronics, Inc

   Wilbrecht Ledco

   Amphenol Corp

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Electronic Resistors

Printed Circuit Boards

   Ttm Technologies Inc

   Tramonto Circuits, LLC

   Added Value Technology

   Prism Manufacturing, Inc

   Nri Electronics Inc

   Logic Pd

   Quality Circuits

   Logic Pd Inc

   Electronic Industries Inc

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Semiconductors and Related Devices

   3nitride LLC

   Stratos International, Inc

   Texas Instruments Incorporated

   Xilinx, Inc


   Vertitron Midwest Inc

   E I Microcircuits, Inc

   Texas Instruments Inc

   Veritec Inc

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