Manufacturing Industries, NEC

35,076 companies in Manufacturing Industries, NEC, showing results for Michigan


Manufacturing Industries, NEC

Advertising Display Products

Airplane Models, Except Toy

Artificial Christmas Trees Manufacturers

Artificial Flower Arrangements

Artificial Flowers and Plants Manufacturers

Artificial Flowers and Plants and Trees-Manufacturers

Assembly and Fabricating Service

Atomizers Manufacturers

Badges, Metal: Policemen, Firemen, Etc.

Barbers Equipment and Supplies-Manufacturers


Beads, Unassembled

Beauty Salons Equipment and Supplies Manufacturers

Beekeepers' Supplies

Boutiquing: Decorating Gift Items With Sequins, Fruit, Etc.


Buttons: Red Cross, Union, Identification

Candles Manufacturers

Christmas Tree Ornaments, Except Electrical and Glass

Cigarette and Cigar Products and Accessories

Dock Equipment and Supplies, Industrial

Embroidery Kits

Engineering Equipment and Supplies-Manufacturers

Eyelashes, Artificial

Fingernails, Artificial

Fire Extinguishers Manufacturers

Flocking Metal Products

Florists-Supplies Manufacturers

Framed Artwork

Furniture, Barber and Beauty Shop


Furs, Dressed: Bleached, Curried, Scraped, Tanned, or Dyed

Game Designers

Gaming Equipment and Supplies-Manufacturers

Grasses, Artificial and Preserved

Grinding and Pulverizing of Materials, Nec

Hair Curlers, Designed for Beauty Parlors

Hair Driers, Designed for Beauty Parlors

Hair Goods Manufacturers

Hair, Dressing Of, for the Trade

Honeycomb Foundations (Beekeepers' Supplies)

Hot Tub and Spa Covers

Hot Tubs

Hydroponic Equipment

Identification Equipment and Supplies-Manufacturers

Identification Plates

Identification Tags, Except Paper

Lawn Ornaments

Magicians Supplies Manufacturers



Marionettes and Puppets Manufacturers

Massage Machines, Electric: Barber and Beauty Shops

Matches-Manufacturers of Advertising Representatives

Military Insignia


Models, Except Toy

Models, General, Except Toy

Music Boxes

Novelties, Bric-A-Brac, and Hobby Kits

Novelties: Bone, Beaded, or Shell

Pet Supplies

Plants, Artificial and Preserved

Plaques, Picture, Laminated


Preparation of Slides and Exhibits

Prototypes Manufacturers

Railroad Models, Except Toy

School Supplies-Manufacturers

Self-Defense Sprays

Shades, Lamp or Candle

Slot Machines

Sprays, Artificial and Preserved

Stage Hardware and Equipment, Except Lighting

Stringing Beads

Umbrellas, Canes, and Parts

Wheelchair Lifts

Whistles Manufacturers

Wigs and Hairpieces Manufacturers

Wind Chimes

Wreaths, Artificial

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