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Electron Tubes

   Vacuum Tubes Inc

   A1 South Electronics

   Vdc Display Systems

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Electronic Capacitors

   Condenser Products Corp

   Vishay Sprague Inc

   Digitech Usa Inc

   Kemet Group Holdings LLC

   Vision Teq Inc C

   Capacitor & Components LLC

   American Technical Ceramics Corp

   Palm Beach Components Inc

   Defense Electronics Corporation

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Electronic Coils, Transformers, and Other Inductors

   Res-Net Microwave

   Pall Corp Fluid Dynamics Div

   Tai-Yang Research Company

   Coils Unlimited Inc


   Kulkarni Enterprises

   Vision Engineering Laboratories Inc

   Idmi Corp

   Current Power, LLC

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Electronic Components, NEC

   Morgan Electric Southeast, LLC

   Keys Marine Electronic Inc

   Q C Magic

   Automatic Coax & Cable

   Technology Place

   Paradise Cable Inc

   Computrol Manufacturing Corporation

   Soundsleeves, LLC


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Electronic Connectors

   Goodman Distribution Inc

   Associated Enterprises

   Rf Connections, L L C

   Structural Connectors LLC

   Amphenol Sine Systems

   Amphenol Corp

   SRI Connector Gage CO


   Electronic Connector

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Electronic Resistors

   Product Acquisition LLC

   Precision Resistor CO Inc

   Vishay Americas Inc

   Vishay Intertechnology, Inc

   Component General Inc

   Precision Resistor Co Inc

   Unified Tech Usa, LLC

   The Tularosa Group LLC

   LA Casa Del Marinero

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Printed Circuit Boards

   Cma Inc

   Conelec of Florida Inc

   Marlo International Inc

   Asap Circuit Inc

   Tropical Technical Sales

   Circuit Board Solutions LLC

   Sypris Electronics, LLC

   Discreet Technology Inc

   Bare Board Group, Inc

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Semiconductors and Related Devices

   Military Semiconductor Inc

   Intersil Americas Inc

   Solar Trike LLC

   Nams Tv

   American Computer & Telecomm Inc

   Tri Quint Semiconductor Inc

   Malka Technologies Inc

   Convergent Development CO Inc

   SunAir Green Solutions

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