Professional Sports Clubs and Promoters

11,012 companies in Professional Sports Clubs and Promoters


Professional Sports Clubs and Promoters (11,012)

Baseball Club, Professional and Semi-Professional (470)

   Shawano Lakers Baseball

   Long Island Ducks

   Hollidaysburg Area Summer Baseball League

   Boise Baseball LLC

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Basketball Clubs (417)

   Hoops Basketball Academy, LLC

   Musabi & Assoc

   B F Basketball Academy

   Meisenheimer Capital Real

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Boxing and Wrestling Arena (163)

   Roseville Eagles Wrestling Clb

   Pr Best Boxing Promotions, Inc

   Cindy Harigel

   Silver State Arena LLC

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Football Clubs (2,954)

   Notre Dame Junior Football

   Sonoma County Youth Football Association

   Lawrenceburg Peewee Football

   Agawam Youth Football Assoc In

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Ice Hockey Club (150)

   Alpena Ice Diggers

   Golden Wolves Hockey Club Inc

   Express Sports

   Center Ice of Tampa LLC

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Jai-Alai Frontons (7)

   Spartan Stadium

   Miami Jai-Alai

   Ocala Jai-Alai

   Fort Pierce Jai-Alai & Poker

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Manager of Individual Professional Athletes (119)

   Aikman Enterprises Inc

   Tony Hawk Inc

   Lmwg LLC

   Reed M&S Inc

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Professional Sports Clubs and Promoters (358)

   Fair Oaks Pool

   Leroy Springs Flyers Afterscho

   Martin Luther King Junior

   Dreyer & Reinbold Racing

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Soccer Clubs (1,569)

   Paul Klover Soccer Assn

   Texas Lightning Sc

   American Youth Soccer Orgnztn

   Syosset Soccer Club

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Sports Clubs, Managers, and Promoters (1,863)

   World Extreme Rock Crawling Championship Series

   Rage Inc

   International Sports Management And Representation LLC

   Southeastern Fighting Champions, LLC

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Sports Promoters Managers and Recruiters (1,499)

   Bakersfield Bud Light

   Goodman & Guidry Search, LLC

   Just Marketing Inc

   Cen-Tex Soccer Assn

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Sports Recruiting (23)

   Turn 2 Sports Consulting, LLC


   J & K Professional Service


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Stadium Event Operator Services (249)

   Personal Services Plus, Inc

   Burdick Arena

   Fielder's Choice, Inc

   Holly Mull & Associates

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Stadiums Arenas and Athletic Fields (1,171)

   Austin City Arena

   Dick's Sporting Goods Park

   James Donohue

   University Of Texas At Austin

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