Motion Picture Theaters, Except Drive-In

11,426 companies in Motion Picture Theaters, Except Drive-In


Motion Picture Theaters, Except Drive-In (11,426)

Exhibitors for Airlines, Motion Picture (40)

   808 Corporate Jet

   Vef Aviation

   All Nippon Airways CO Ltd

   Virgin Atlantic

   Clifford Wagner Science


   Carolyn Louise Nelson

   Worldnet Transportation Inc

   Muvico Parisian

   Sgl Services


   Jetset Airlines

   Prestige Airways

   Jetway Private Air

   Atallah Ihab

   Air America

   Spane Assoc

   Aerovias DE Mexico Sa DE Cv

   Kingfisher Airlines Ltd

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Exhibitors, Itinerant: Motion Picture (265)

   Carmike Cinemas, Inc

   Carmike Crossroads 16

   Carmike Cinemas, Inc

   Carmike Cinema 10

   Carmike 12

   Carmike 16

   Nelson Communications

   Carmike Cinemas, Inc

   Gkc Theatres

   Carmike Cinemas, Inc

   Summit 16

   Carmike Cinema 6

   Plaza Twin Theatres

   Carmike Blue Ridge 14

   Carmike Hickory 8

   Lowes Of Heath 708

   Carmike Cinemas 12

   Hornbeck & Penthouse

   Carmike 10

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Motion Picture Theaters, Except Drive-In, Nec (11)

   Cinema Cafe

   Goen Enterprises, Inc

   Moonlight Amusement LLC

   Ojai Film Society

   iPic Theaters

   At Home Integrations Inc

   Wheelersburg Cinemas

   The Kamas Theatre

   Vision Acoustics LLC

   Hampton Roads Entertainment, L L C

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Theatres (11,110)

   National Theater For Arts & Ed

   West Bend Cinema Brewhouse

   Wolf Point Theatre

   Regal Knoxville Center 10

   Detroit Desi Cinema

   Amc Lakewood Town Center 12

   Strand Theatre

   Regal Northtown Mall 12

   Mack Theater

   Cinema 6 Theatre

   Imax Corp

   20th Century Fox

   Goodrich Quality Theaters, Inc

   Amc Entertainment Inc

   Sonoma Motion Picture CO

   United Artists Theatre Circuit, Inc

   Professional Home Theater

   Coming Attractons Theatres, Inc

   Regal West Village Stadium 12

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