Clay, Ceramic, and Refractory Minerals, NEC

179 companies in Clay, Ceramic, and Refractory Minerals, NEC


Clay, Ceramic, and Refractory Minerals, NEC (179)

Bentonite (44)

   Teague Mineral Products

   Central Oregon Bentonite CO

   Black Hills Bentonite CO

   G K Construction Inc

   Wyo Ben Incorporated

   American Colloid CO

   Black Hills Bentonite CO

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Clay (44)

   US Silica CO

   Pacific Custom Materials Inc

   Christy Minerals CO

   Fink & Stackhouse Garage

   Custom Clay & Soil Co, Inc

   Bennett Mineral CO

   Virginia Clay Co, Inc

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Clay and Related Minerals, Nec (41)

   Richard Sabourin

   Preeminent Life Land Development

   Go Paint

   Sylvan Originals

   Reyes Magnesite

   Cathy Rodgers

   Eaglevision Usa, LLC

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Clays, Except Kaolin and Ball (19)

   Two Rivers Recycling, LLC

   American Colloid CO

   Fat Cat Pottery

   Clay Planet Company

   Applied Minerals Inc

   Nevada North Resources USA

   Mid-Tex Minerals Inc

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Feldspar Mining (4)

   Hawkins Mine

   Unimin Corp

   Feldspar Corp

   The Feldspar Corporation

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Fire Clay Mining (5)

   E J Bognar, Inc

   Mantle Mining Co

   The Clay Messer Company Incorporated

   Cordova Clay CO Inc

   E J Bognar Inc

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Fuller's Earth Mining (5)

   Milwhite Inc

   Milwhite, Inc

   Natural Earth Technologie

   Widearray Electrical

   Lionforce Inc

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Shale (Common) Quarrying (12)

   Buildex Inc

   Rock Drilling Solutions Inc

   Buildex, Inc

   Rdt Inc

   Grosso Materials Inc

   Harry B Lesh Jr

   Callahan & Nannini Quarry, Inc

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Stoneware Clay Mining (5)

   Bognar & CO Inc

   Robert D Mc Dougal CPA

   Platinum Stucco & Stone

   Sabine Neches, Inc


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