Oil and Gas Field Services, NEC

14,884 companies in Oil and Gas Field Services, NEC


Oil and Gas Field Services, NEC (14,884)

Acidizing Wells (60)

Bailing Wells (7)

Bailing, Cleaning, Swabbing, and Treating of Wells (67)

Building Oil and Gas Well Foundations On Site (43)

Chemically Treating Wells (31)

Cleaning Wells (30)

Construction, Repair, and Dismantling Services (1,567)

Derrick Building, Repairing, and Dismantling (12)

Detection and Analysis Service, Gas (39)

Excavating Slush Pits and Cellars (112)

Fire Fighting, Oil and Gas Field (33)

Fishing for Tools, Oil and Gas Field (47)

Gas Compressing (Natural Gas) At the Fields (81)

Gas Field Services, Nec (325)

Gas Well Cleaners (33)

Gas Well Plugging (63)

Grading Oil and Gas Well Foundations (19)

Haulage, Oil Field (197)

Hot Shot Service (175)

Hydraulic Fracturing Wells (23)

Impounding and Storing Salt Water, Oil and Gas Field (31)

Lease Tanks, Oil Field: Erecting, Cleaning, and Repairing (104)

Measurement of Well Flow Rates, Oil and Gas (73)

Mud Jacking Contractors (34)

Mud Service, Oil Field Drilling (116)

Oil Consultants (924)

Oil Field Equipment-Repair (1,589)

Oil Field Maintenance (9)

Oil Field Service (4,837)

Oil Field Specialties (90)

Oil Inspectors (11)

Oil Sampling Service for Oil Companies (55)

Oil Well Casing-Pulling (4)

Oil Well Cementing (243)

Oil Well Drilling Mud and Additives (115)

Oil Well Logging and Perforating (71)

Oil Well Services (676)

Oil Well Surveyors (27)

Oil Well Testing (6)

Oil and Gas Field Services, Nec, Nec (4)

Oil and Gas-Field Services (Unclassified) (55)

Perforating Well Casings (58)

Pipe Inspection (74)

Pipe Testing, Oil Field Service (145)

Processing Service, Gas (57)

Pumping of Oil and Gas Wells (375)

Removal of Condensate Gasoline From Field (Gathering) Lines (142)

Riggers (102)

Roustabouts (486)

Running, Cutting, and Pulling Casings, Tubes and Rods (32)

Servicing Oil and Gas Wells (687)

Swabbing Wells (25)

Testing, Measuring, Surveying, and Analysis Services (440)

Well Logging (211)

Wireline Service (12)

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