Fabricated Plate Work (Boiler Shops)

3,319 companies in Fabricated Plate Work (Boiler Shops)


Fabricated Plate Work (Boiler Shops) (3,319)

Accumulators Manufacturers (6)

Air Coolers, Metal Plate (28)

Airlocks (5)

Autoclaves, Industrial (10)

Baffles (7)

Bins, Prefabricated Metal Plate (22)

Boiler Shop Products: Boilers, Smokestacks, Steel Tanks (33)

Boiler and Boiler Shop Work (46)

Boilers: Industrial, Power, or Marine (44)

Buoys, Metal (4)

Cable Trays, Metal Plate (9)

Cars, for Hot Metal (10)

Chambers and Caissons (12)

Chutes and Troughs (8)

Chutes-Metal Plate Manufacturers (7)

Condensers, Steam (4)

Containers, Shipping (Bombs, Etc.): Metal Plate (31)

Cooling Towers, Metal Plate (77)

Crane Hooks, Laminated Plate (4)

Cryogenic Tanks, for Liquids and Gases (21)

Culverts, Metal Plate (5)

Cupolas, Metal Plate (6)

Cylinders, Pressure: Metal Plate (38)

Digesters, Process: Metal Plate (4)

Ducting, Metal Plate (16)

Dumpsters, Garbage (269)

Economizers (Boilers) (11)

Fabricated Plate Work (Boiler Shop) (731)

Fabricated Plate Work Manufacturers (65)

Farm Storage Tanks, Metal Plate (7)

Finned Tubes, for Heat Transfer (14)

Fuel Tanks (Oil, Gas, Etc.), Metal Plate (71)

Gas Cylinder Manufacturers (24)

Heat Exchangers Manufacturers (228)

Heat Exchangers, Plate Type (44)

Heat Exchangers: Coolers (After, Inter), Condensers, Etc. (70)

Heat Transfer Materials Manufacturers (19)

High Vacuum Coaters, Metal Plate (5)

Hoods, Industrial: Metal Plate (6)

Housings, Pressure (24)

Jackets, Industrial: Metal Plate (6)

Liners, Industrial: Metal Plate (4)

Liners/Lining (50)

Melting Pots Manufacturers (8)

Metal Parts (199)

Nuclear Reactors Manufacturers (13)

Nuclear Shielding, Metal Plate (8)

Perforating On Heavy Metal (12)

Pipe, Large Diameter: Metal Plate (10)

Pipe, Standpipe, and Culverts (10)

Plate Work for the Metalworking Trade (24)

Process Vessels, Industrial: Metal Plate (25)

Reactor Containment Vessels, Metal Plate (8)

Scroll Casings (5)

Separators, Industrial Process: Metal Plate (10)

Smoke Stacks Manufacturers (10)

Stills, Pressure: Metal Plate (6)

Tank Heads Manufacturers (11)

Tank Towers, Metal Plate (5)

Tanks Manufacturers (329)

Tanks for Tank Trucks, Metal Plate (39)

Tanks, Lined: Metal Plate (59)

Towers (Bubble, Cooling, Fractionating, Etc.): Metal Plate (7)

Trash Racks, Metal Plate (24)

Truss Plates, Metal (34)

Vessels, Process or Storage (From Boiler Shops): Metal Plate (39)

Vessels-Pressure Manufacturers (213)

Water Tanks, Metal Plate (54)

Weldments (31)

Wind Tunnels (17)

Wind and Vacuum Tunnels (4)

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