Rolling, Drawing, and Extruding of Copper

195 companies in Rolling, Drawing, and Extruding of Copper


Rolling, Drawing, and Extruding of Copper (195)

Bands, Copper and Copper Alloy (4)

   Advanced Products International LLC

   Milward Alloys Inc


   Sabona Of London Unlimited, Inc

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Brass Rolling and Drawing (9)

   Mueller Formed Tube Company, Inc

   Global Brass And Copper Holdings, Inc

   Chase Brass And Copper Company, LLC

   Olin Brass Fineweld Tube

   Gbc Metals, LLC

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Bronze Rolling and Drawing (5)

   Lasting Impressions

   Bronzed Memories

   Bronze Outpost

   Bear Paw Studio

   Rocky Mountain Bronze Shop

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Copper Fabricators (5)

   Phelps Dodge International Corp

   Warrenton Copper LLC

   Outokumpu Copper Franklin Inc

   The Copper Guy

   Precision Copper Works

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Copper Pipe (6)

   Franklin Luvata Inc

   Dann Street dba

   Employee Federal Cu

   Ems Industrial And Service Company

   Cts Fabrication USA

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Copper and Copper Alloy Pipe and Tube (17)

   American Unibrass Tube LLC

   Continental Alloys & Services Management LLC

   Cardinal Uhp, Inc

   Mueller Copper Tube CO

   Creative Technical Solutions

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Copper and Copper Alloy Sheet, Strip, Plate, and Products (7)

   Boston Mountain Copper Company

   Brush Ceramic Products Inc

   Mueller Line Sets Inc

   Hi-Alloy Weld Specialties Inc

   Engineered Materials Solutions

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Extruded Metal Shapes Manufacturers (5)

   Jones Metal Molding CO

   Saint-Gobain Ppl

   Alumax Extrusions Inc

   Floform USA Inc

   Cooper-Standard Automotive

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Extruded Shapes, Nec, Copper and Copper Alloy (5)

   Badger Wire, Inc

   Mac Products Inc

   Amrod Corp

   Electric Materials CO

   Copper Craft

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Rolling Drawing/Extruding-Copper Manufacturers (54)

   Cerro Fabricated Products LLC

   Mueller Industries, Inc

   Development Technologies, Inc

   Luvata Buffalo

   Global Brass & Copper, LLC

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Strip, Copper and Copper Alloy (6)

   Miller CO

   Wieland Metals Inc

   Brungardt Enterprises

   House Of Stainless, Inc

   Rapid Metal Sourcing Company

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Tubing, Copper and Copper Alloy (26)

   Cerro Flow Products LLC

   Cerro Flow Products LLC

   American Tubing Inc

   Oil Country Mfg Inc

   Wolverine Tube, Inc

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Wire, Copper and Copper Alloy (46)

   International Wire

   International Wire

   Alcoa Dixie Wire

   Spark Vt, Inc

   Audio Magic Inc

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