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Fm Sudafix Group Ltd

Unit 13 Pottery Court
England NG6 8YN
Phone: +44 (115) 975-7600

Category: Nonclassified Establishments
Email: moc.xifadusmf@ofni

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+44 (115) 975-7606 (Fax)!/pages/Nottingham-United-Kingdom/FM-Sudafix/148151288538673?ref=ts (Facebook) (Twitter)

Company representatives

Russell Downer, Director

Martin Sandhu, Marketing Specialist

About Fm Sudafix Group Ltd

Whether you want to know about the main companies within the FM Sudafix Group, the captains of industry heading the organization or to gain a fuller v

The FM Sudafix Group is primarily a consultancy in the sectors of earthing/grounding and lightning protection. With a legacy of excellence spanning decades of industry activity and vast tracts of the world, the FM Sudafix Group has a reputation which is substantiated in our ongoing performance history. Acquiring JMI became essential as its team had demonstrated leading expertise and technical ability, which when combined with outstanding levels of customer service and support comparable with FM Sudafix???s own, the synergy was evident.

As consultants the FM Sudafix team is able to support any project, anywhere in the world, long before the commencement of the build programme. Whether it be architects, consultants, or a member of the constructor???s project management, FM Sudafix will be able

Products and Services

  • Rail Bonds
  • Grounding
  • Surge Protection
  • Lightning Protection
  • Earthing

Business categories

  • Lightning Protection Equipment-Manufacturers
  • Lightning Protection Equipment

Location Type

Single Location

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